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Rely on I Spy 4 U Investigations, INC. to provide affordable expert Private Investigative  services with state of the art equipment for all types of surveillance. We offer a variety of affordable surveillance services as well as background checks for employment or personal reasons. Whatever information you need to know, you can trust us to get results. Please call for your free consultation.

I Spy 4 U Investigations, INC.  is a fully license Private Investigative agency with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing. We also maintain $2,000,000 in professional liability insurance for the protection of our clients.

Investigative Services Include:

Asset Search Experts
We will research the net worth and past financial activities of any party.

Insurance Investigation Experts
We investigate and conduct surveillance on workman's comp claims, liability claims, and personal injury claims.

Domestic Surveillance Experts / Persons Located Nationwide & Executive Protection, Body Guard Detail

We provide surveillance, Countermeasures / Debugging, GPS tracking and research regarding infidelity in all types of domestic relationships. This service is also useful to help establish custody for child custody cases.

NEW! Computer and Smart Phone Forensics / Countermeasures / Debugging  & Criminal and Civil Background Check Experts

Have you found yourself wondering what your spouse, partner or children are doing on their computer or smart phones? If so we can help. We can analyze and recover data from these devices without any signs that the device was tampered with. There is no downloading software on the device and we come to you. Everything will be discrete and confidential. Your spouse, partner or children will never know. We also offer Criminal, Civil and General background checks for babysitters, dates, employees and anyone. We'll be able to tell you if they have a criminal history or any convictions on record and more.

Contact our leading expert private investigator in Orlando, Florida, for discreet
affordable investigative services such as surveillance and background checks.