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The owner of I Spy 4 U Investigations, INC. has more than 20 years of professional Private Investigative experience, which sets him apart from the competition. He is a graduate of the Police Academy and has earned his degrees in criminal justice and computer research. Mr. Carnahan has proudly served in the United States Army during Desert Storm, where he was trained in the art of surveillance in both rural and urban environments and Body Guard Details. After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, which he won several awards for outstanding performance.

Mr. Carnahan is now the president and CEO of I Spy 4 U Investigations, INC. and personally manages all day to day operations and is always available for consultation. He will provide you with affordable Professional Investigative services that get results. Please call to receive a free consultation.


Surveillance - Contact our leading private investigator in Orlando, Florida, for discreet investigative services such as surveillance and background checks.

Contact our leading expert private investigator in Orlando, Florida, for discreet
affordable investigative services such as surveillance, Investigations, background checks and Executive Protection, Body Guard detail.