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This agreement is dated (Month)___________ , (Year) 2____  and is entered into with:




Hm & C/P. Phone:______________________________________________________________________

Wk. Phone:______________________________________________________________________

The above named is hereinafter referred to as  “CLIENT,” and the party of the second part, I Spy 4 U Investigations, INC. a Florida Company, is hereinafter referred to as  “AGENCY.”

The CLIENT desires the AGENCY to furnish the CLIENT with information about: ________________  which may include, but is not limited to, information about the above named SUBJECT(S) residence, employment, insurability, personal habits, assets, and credit history, criminal history, reliability, etc… All information regarding the SUBJECT(S) will be treated as strictly confidential and shall be passed on to the CLIENT only, unless specified otherwise by the CLIENT.  The AGENCY agrees to adhere to the agreed upon days and hours of surveillance if this service is requested, unless otherwise specified by the CLIENT. The Client fully understands and agrees that at NO TIME will Client be UNTRUTHFUL in regards to any information given to AGENCY.  This includes but is not limited to, WHY the Client is pursuing the investigation or requesting services. Certain investigations are available ONLY with permissable purposes, and although AGENCY  makes every effort to verify and validate that all requests are compliant, AGENCY  relies heavily on the information supplied by Client in the consultation phase. Client agrees that if this clause is broken, it will IMMEDIATELY terminate the investigation and ALL RETAINERS AND FEES PAID FOR ANY WORK, COMPLETED OR PENDING, WILL BE FORFEITED.

In cases where individuals or potential Clients have retained our services in order to Annoy, Stalk, or otherwise Harass the Subject of the investigation, AGENCY MAY contact the Subject of the investigation as well as any Local, State, or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies with Jurisdiction.

The CLIENT further agrees to pay for such investigative services at the rate of $69.00  per hour.  A minimum of 4 hours. A retainer of  $276 for 4 hours or $552.00 for 8 hours was secured in advance, based upon the projected investigative hours of 4 to 8 hours.  CLIENT understands and agrees that payment to the AGENCY is not dependent on the amount or quality of the information supplied by the AGENCY or upon the success of any investigation undertaken under the terms herein.

The CLIENT further agrees to a 48 hour notice to cancel a case or any court appearances or the retainer will be non refundable. Client agrees that all court appearances, (including stand by time, and on-call time) are billed to Client in advance at the rate of $69.00 per hour with a minimum of 8 hours. A retainer of  $552.00 for 8 hours was secured in advance, regardless of whether appearance is requested by Client, Client's attorney, opposing attorneys, subpoena, or Judge's request .

This agreement supercedes all other agreements between the CLIENT and AGENCY, oral or written, and represents the whole and entire contract between the parties.  In consideration of any credit extended as a result of this contract, the CLIENT and the undersigned, individually and collectively, promise to pay all costs of collection, including any reasonable legal fees incurred by the AGENCY in collecting any money owed by any of the people or entities named in the contract.  Further, if the CLIENT as named above is a corporation, the undersigned individual personally guarantees all debts or obligations of the corporation named in this contract as the CLIENT.  ****NOTE**** Any unused portion of the secured retainer may be refunded in the form of credit for services only, to be used within  90 days of this dated contract, or forfeited, at the discretion of the AGENCY.  In addition, the AGENCY retains the right to terminate its relationship with the CLIENT if deemed necessary and in the best interest of the AGENCY. CLIENT affirms that there is no “Domestic Violence” and/or ANY type of injunction against him, including “stalking,” in reference to the SUBJECT(S) under investigation by this AGENCY. (Initials: ________).

Accepted: ___________________________________  Date:  _____________  

Agency:  __________________________________     Date: ______________